Maxx A. Krueger

I help retailers and agencies increase customer and associate loyalty/engagement. I get more shoppers in the door and keep them coming back.

In my experiences, quick thinking and collaborative teamwork produces results. The strategies and communication-centric skills learned in my experiences are directly relatable to both life and business. This, combined with the drive to adapt to new systems and ways of thinking  excites me to grow my expertise. Furthermore, my approach to developing client relationships is simple - do what is suitable and what is right.

Where I've been

SMG : Service Management Group

Helping retailers evaluate over 300 million surveys annually, in 50 languages across 125 countries. SMG is a top 30 AMA Research Firm, and the only one on that list that derives 100% of revenue from Customer Experience measurement (CX).

One location, one visit, one customer at a time. We gather clean, quality data and deliver insights that lead to actionable changes at the store level and strategic decisions at the executive level.

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I helped clients use consumer research software to make critical business decisions for customer loyalty, advertising, and build buyer personas. I managed new business development and full time clients in an array of categories: Retail, QSR, Full Service Agencies, Research, and Healthcare. Handling of complex sales within enterprises and agency models, and narrowed average sales cycle from over 120 days to 90 or less year over year. This was an effort of working with our lead-gen team and techniques to reach C-Suite decision makers more effectively.

- Online demonstrations of platforms and services
- Building proposals for finance and procurement teams
- Negotiating terms and agreements
- RFP/RFI Composition
- Relationship management with C-suite


As an asset manager advisor for high-net clients of the firm I helped to allocate funds and strategically make investments in proper vehicles for long term capital growth. I helped my clients to realize gains and understand government involvement to use financial strategy to their advantage in portfolios. In 5 years I secured $70 million into managed and self directed accounts.

Licenses: 6,7,63

Bank of America

Consumer and small business banking sales and servicing, including IRAs, checking, savings, minor investments, and incorporation of business development processes.

Development of sales strategy for mortgages and loans for consumers in Kansas and Missouri. I became the number one Relationship manager for new clients in the Kansas City market for Bank of America on gathering assets and accounts in 2010.

Networking with local business of all sizes to help educate and have lunch and learns with employees and family members. I also worked closely with local colleges to answer questions for students about benefits of being financially sound.

First Investors Corporation

Soliciting and sales of Investment vehicles for individuals and families including life insurance and retirement accounts. I was a registered broker for basic mutual fund investing and annuities through partner firms. We served as an approved provider in local Kansas City school districts for teacher retirement planning.